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资讯 >> SU MART Delivery Method / 配送范围

Delivery Area / 配送范围: 

1. Trondheim downtown, Lade, Nardo, Sluppen, Ranheim, Moholt, Tyholt, Strinda, Brundalen, Risvollan及其周边: 89 NOK

2. Other place within 15 km to Trondheim downtown / 其他距离Trondheim 市中心15公里以内区域:89 NOK

3. Other city or region delivery via Posten (Vegetageble and freezen food are not included) / 其他城市或地区,提供邮寄服务 (不包括新鲜素菜和冻货): 119 NOK


Free delivery (home delivery) for order over 1200 NOK in Trondheim area, and free delivery (via Posten) for order over 2000 NOK.



We will try our best to extend the delivery area in the future.